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Undral Legacy – Volume 1

"The virtual world is a place, where your fantasies come true. -However, it can also become an eternal prison."

In the year 2030, humanity had realized the dream of a completely immersive virtual-reality experience and announced the first-ever VRMMORPG: Undral Legacy.

At the Opening Ceremony, however, Helios -the world's most infamous hacker- had seized control over Undral and imprisoned 28.000 players in the virtual reality -along with a new rule to the game: If you ran out of life points, your character would be reset back to zero!

With the recourses in this game being limited, the victims can no longer waste their progress by dying recklessly. Doing so would ultimately lead to a dead-end of their journey, making escape from the virtual world impossible.

On the quest to discover a method of returning to the real world, Myst -a 17-year-old boy- starts his adventure through the magic-filled world of Undral! But he will realize soon enough that fighting the virtual monsters of the game might not end up being the greatest hurdle to overcome for the trapped players.

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    The A.C.

    I have not read the whole thing yet, but your synopsis of it is pretty much just a less intense Sword Art Online with a different skin. If there is more to it than less, I would recommend changing the synopsis, so it does not seem like some knock off.

    1. Profile photo of Yuuri
      Yuuri Post author

      Thank you for your suggestion A.C.! I will improve on the synopsis with that in mind. While the setting is indeed inspired by SAO, I can assure you that Undral Legacy has an own unique development and tries to build upon the unused potential of Reki Kawahara’s fiction. I would be delighted if you decide to read my novel!

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