Where Do I find the Answers?

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Where Do I find the Answers?
Tsyuko was a young man being raised by his dad in Japan. Like most boys in his situation he wanted to have a whole family again, Tsyuko was able to have a new one with a loving father that remarried and even got a little sister in Chelsea with his new mom. They spent many days learning about each other, loving and understanding each other to become a family. Two years have past since Tsyuko's family got a reboot and now he got into the high school he wanted to get in and become a musician. His family in celebration of this and his graduation of middle school spend a whole day out around town, going out to eat, going to laser tag, and going to the movies. It was a late movie and after such a fun day, everyone is noticeably tired and they decide to head home. Tsyuko's mother ask's him on the way home in a quiet cheerful tone "Did you enjoy yourself today?" Tsyuko responds with a tired smile in the backseat with his head in his hand looking out of the window "Today was the best day ever, thanks mom and dad, for everything" as he finishes his sentence a big truck comes speeding by but something is wrong. The truck is swerving, Tsyuko father looks over to see the truck "What are they doing" He honks his horn at the truck as it continues to swerve. When the truck gets near the car it swerves near them. Tsyuko's mother quickly says "Hold on kids" They are on a road of by a mountain and swerve to dodge the truck but they didn't slow down the car enough too safely stop, as they go over the cliff, in this brief moment Chelsea is asleep in the car and Tsyuko throws himself over her to protect her from as much damage of the fall as he can. Then a quick jerk and crashing noise.   Tsyuko wakes up to find his head is bleeding and his sister is crying holding her shoulder. Tsyuko: (While holding his head where blood is coming from) Chelsea, are you hurt or bleeding? She responds while fighting through tears "My shoulder hurts bad and I cant move my arm" Tsyuko: (While pating her on the head) tells her "Just breathe through the pain, I need to look at it. This is gonna hurt a little but I need to do this to help." Chelsea sobbing simply nods yes and allows Tsyuko to look at her shoulder, as he looks at her shoulder as best as he can, he see's that the impact has caused the seat belt too dislocate her arm from her shoulder. Tsyuko "Im going to see what mom and dad think we should do now, mom may be able to do something" Tsyuko looks to his parents too ask what to do, too his horror he see's tree branches in front of the car have pierced through and around them. The car is caught in a tree near the cliff. Tsyuko in a panic begins to take off his seat belt and yell for his parents " Mom, dad are you okay answer me, did the branches hit you, do you need help?" Then a horrific noise is heard, the sound of branches creaking and cracking, the fall isnt over. Tsyuko's parents respond weakly but encouragingly Tsyuko's mother " We're okay, hows Chelsea?" Tsyuko " she is hurt, she says that she cant move her arm that she's holding." Tsyukos father " It probably broken or dislocated, don,t worry sweetie we are going to get you to a doctor as soon as we are out of here. Tsyuko, a branch did hit me but its okay, we need to get out of the car though, do you see any openings back there?" Tsyuko is still worried about his parents and begins to breathe fast and then as if reading his mind, his father tells him. Tsyuko's Father "Everything will be okay but I need you to calm down and look around for any openings. Okay son." Tsyuko calms down a bit, nods his head and begins to look around too finds the back window broken and exclaims. Tsyuko " Yes the back window is broken" Tsyuko's father quickly responds with " Okay grab Chelsea as gently as you can and leave out to the back of the car, then find a branch that you can move too and sit on, you've climbed trees before remember." Tsyuko's mother " Chelsea, Tsyuko has to grab you and I know your hurting but I need you to endure it, can you do that for mom'." Chelsea through tears and sobbing "Yes". Tsyuko " What about you guys?" Tsyuko's father " We will be right behind you as soon as I get this branch off me." Tsyuko doesn't know but one of the branches has pierced his father through his right shoulder and pined him to his seat. While his mother is noticeable hurt but has a branch just near her shoulder and one near her right side of her ribs. Neither branch isn't close enough to stop her from helping her husband but could have been worse off if just a little closer. She takes in a deep breath and to calm herself from the pain she is experiencing to continue helping her husband. Tsyuko's mother " I am going to help your father get this off, your father is right we will be right behind you" as she finishes the cracking sound grows Tsyuko grabs Chelsea as easy as he can and they make their way to the back of the car while they hear creaking noises. They move as slow as possible as to not cause the branches to break any faster. They make their way out of the car through broken glass and sharp corners where the back window use to be, making their way to the opposite side of the tree where a big branch is. Tsyuko asks his siter to hold onto him as tight as possible, as they move toward the large branch. Tsyuko is beginning to feel light headed as they move toward they tree, he has lost a some blood the head injury is beginning to affect him. Once they reach the big branch, Tsyuko places Chelsea on the branch, he then takes his own sit near the intersection of the branch and trunk of the tree due to his sick feeling. Tsyuko then calls out that they have made it onto a branch and asks " Are you guys okay, are you coming out now" Tsyuko's mother is trying to break the branch that is in his fathers shoulder to get out, she responds by saying "We are fine this tree is just stuck on the door making it hard for us to get out, as she continuously is flinching from pain to help her husband get out and begins to cough, she has just coughed up blood. Then some hope is restored, as a flash light is seen through the windows and Tsyuko's mother immediately cries out to Tsyuko, can you see the person with the flash light. Tsyuko looks up with a tearful smile and exclaims "Yes, I see them". A passerby saw the rail guard down and took a look to see the situation and yells down " Hey how is everyone?, I've called the police and ambulance, they should be here any minute" Tsyuko's mother tries to yell back but is hurt by her own injuries of broken ribs and some bleeding from her head. Tsyuko's father responds mustering up what little strength he has left due to blood loss "Thank you we are all hurt. Our kids made it out onto a sturdy branch, can you see them?" Passerby looks desperately for the kids and see's them after a few seconds "Yes I do, but I cant reach them from here I have some rope in my car. Honey bring me the rope" the passerby yells to his girlfriend in the car. Then the worse happens, two of the branches holding up the car begin to break. Hear this Tsyuko begins to panic again while calling to his parents, he then begins to heading toward them. Tsyuko's parents see him heading towards the car in the cracked rear view mirror, they tell him to stay away as his mother continues to try and break the branch that has impaled him and sunk deeper due to the other branches breaking, thanks to the car and angle of the branch she is finally able to break the branch where she needed to and pull the branch out. Tsyuko's father yells out while hiding his pain " We love you kids, don't worry we will be here". Tsyuko's mother takes an a shirt that near her from the luggage and takes her husbands tie off to stop the bleeding and cover the wound with it for her husband. Tsyuko is still heading toward them but his injures are getting worse, "What are you saying you said you were going to be right behind us" Tsyuko is getting anxious and scared again. As Tsyuko gets there three more branches break and Tsyuko looks into the car to see his parents, turning up toward the back of the car with his mother being helped by his father who is able to use right arm, in a freeze frame like moment they look up at him, before speaking they smile and say they love him and Chelsea so much. A split second Tsyuko see's his mother  and father almost out of the car as they reach out for the branch just in front of Tsyuko as two more branches break and the car begins to fall down to the earth. As the car falls, he watches them fall with the car.The passerby in shock is now at a standstill. Chelsea screams "MOTHER!!!!!" as she hears the crashing of the car. The man then ties the rope to a wedge of the truck used for trailers and similar items to help make sure the rope is secure for the kids to climb up and for him as well as he climbs down and grabs Chelsea first while crying in both pain and panic, "What about my mom go down for her, please, she may need more help than us were okay, go help mommy and dad", the man just clinches his teeth knowing that they couldn't have survived, once he brings Chelsea to the street he passes her to his go's back for Tsyuko, who looks as if he is frozen in place, expression and all. When the ambulance and police arrive Tsyuko and Chelsea are looked at by paramedics. The passerby is being question by the cops when asked why did he have rope and what was he doing out so late, him and his girlfriend had been camping out in the area, this road a short cut for their neighborhood five minutes up the road just at city limits for the area. They knew the mountain was high here and near some tree and they wanted to do some night climbing. Just then another police officer and paramedic come over and speaking to the questioning officer "We found the parents....." Questioning officer "Dont tell me." Paramedic " They were already gone when we got there, the woman snapped her neck on impact and the man died due to blood loss, we just barely didn't make it for him." Question Officer with a sadden tone and sigh " Have you told the kids?" Young officer "No, we believe the boy saw the car fall and haven't be able to tell them yet. Just then other paramedics come by with big black bags on a gurney as one of them topples over revealing the mothers hand in it in front of Tsyuko and his sister. Chelsea and Tsyuko burst into tears crying out for their parents as Tsyuko tries to go the bag still crying. The question officer stops him and simply says he is sorry as he gives Tsyuko a hug which cause Tsyuko to burst out even more, while looking over the officers shoulder to see his parents being put in the second ambulance that has just arrived. He weakly reaches out to his now dead parents but passes out during this due to his head injury. A month later a funeral is held for their parents, they have only one aunt further north in Tokyo that is their only remaining living member that decides to become their guardian. While at the funeral he is consumed by memories of his birth mothers funeral that passed away when he was five years old. Remembering the word of his father at the time "Do you miss her Tsyuko", Tsyuko "I do dad but boys don't cry right, that's how we stay strong right" Tsyuko's father "Funerals are here for us to cry, its then one time we can as we say goodbye for the final time until we are able to see them again. Its okay son, cry your heart out, a boy shouldn't have to be strong when saying goodbye to his mom" Tsyuko cry's harshly and loudly as his father holds him and we fade back to the current funeral and he has a tearful blank expression as Friends of the family come to see how they are and his aunt near them patting  Tsyuko on the back while Chelsea is crying into her aunts shoulder. Late in the afternoon, after the funeral, Tsyuko finishes cleaning the living room and sits down to think of what he should do. Tsyuko went to this school to become a musician or someone that makes background music for anime. Tsyuko near his family's new shrine simply looks to it and asks "What should I do"?" after some silence he begins to cry more "You said you were right behind us, but now your not here. What should I do about school, what should I do about Chelsea, what will she do, I don't know how to help her, now yelling as if arguing with his parents, why did you lie and say you were okay. Why, what are we going to do" now collapsing to the ground "What are you going to do with out you, how can I help Chelsea. Why did this have to happen." Tsyuko's aunt seeing this slowly walks in to check on her nephew. Tsyuko"I'm sorry I wanted to celebrate getting into the arts academy. If we didn't you would be" Tsyuko's aunt grabbing onto him simply hugs him and says don't you ever feel sorry or responsible for this, no one could have seen this coming, its more disrespectful to your parents to that. Its defiantly not your fault." Tsyuko "Then what do I do" Tsyukos aunt "You can cry your heart knowing its not your fault and that your parents loved the both of you so much" Chelsea is asleep in the hallway to the living room with a stuffed bear her dad got her while Tsyuko cry's his eyes out. An hour later, he takes some time to think, Tsyuko asks if the can live on their own if he can make money for them to live. Tsyukos aunt "why do you want to live alone after all of this" Tsyuko "I think it would be best for the both of us, me and Chelsea, if we had some time to ourselves after all of this" Tsyuko's aunt being the blood sister to his father and remembering his blood mothers funeral, simply stays quiet to think it over. They inherited a lot of money that can help them get by for a year at least, Tsyuko's aunt then agrees on the condition that she stay with them until he finds a job and they have a stable living style. Tsyuko, gets frustrated at first but then realizes that he still doesn't know how to handle the situation for himself yet alone for Chelsea too. So he reluctantly agrees A year passes and Tsyuko is working to keep a healthy amount of money and still going to school but his grades aren't the best. If he doesn't pick them up he will be transferred to the regular class program within the school and unable to participate in any music classes. By burying himself in work and school, house chores and checking on Chelsea, have kept him from thinking about the day his parents died. The school day has ended as he thinks on the fact it has been one whole year since his parents died but glad he has had a special sister like Chelsea, his best friend Yosuke comes by asking him about the upcoming test then notices he his zoned out and not listening. Yosuke then sneaks behind Tsyuko and tickle him, as Tsyuko laughs for a few minutes then jumps away. Tsyuko" what kind of man tickles another man" Yosuke "The best friend kind", they share a small laugh together. Yosuke "Lets head to the roof before we leave, we still have time because of after school activities. You don't have work today right? Tsyuko "Yea, Im off today". They both head up the roof of the school to continue the conversation, Yosuke "So, whats on you mind", Tsyuko "Its been a year since my parents died and Chlesea slowly stopped being herself" Yosuke "It cant be helped with what you two went through. Everyone deals with that sort of thing differently, all we can do is be there for her". Chelsea has become  a neet refusing to leave her room in the house except for food and bathroom responsibilities. She has taken up online classes to keep up with school, she was a year under Tsyuko before the incident and has kept up her studies and is currently in her first year of high school as far as classes go. Tsyuko "I know its been tough on her too,the first two months it was hard to get her to eat anything but luckily my aunt helped me with that and she gradually got better, but I'm also glad she has been here like she has, whenever I need someone to hear me out she is there and tells me stuff I honestly think my mom would say and sometimes its in her own way that gives me hope she will go back to public school again one day." Yosuke "It almost sounds like you in love with her, you lolicon" . Tsuko thinks it over before responding then says "Yea I do love her", Yosuke " Of course you do your her brother" Tsyuko turns to Yosuke with a bit of a happy and calm look to say "I think I love her, more than just a sister though" Yosuke "Wait a minute Tsyuko, are you sure you want to go down that road. I know your not related by blood or anything like that, but once you do this there is no going back. What if she recluses further or decides to move out, I know you couldn't take that man" Tsyuko "I know what your saying but its a strong warmth that I get from her, its not like a big brother, nor like a fathers love, I think this is love, love ya know." Yosuke playful punches Tsyuko's shoulder "I know. well as your best friend you know I will support you as best as I can, just call us batman and superman." Tsyuko "I don't think either of us could be superman" Yosuke " Hey now..." they both burst into laughter. Once the conversation was done Tsyuko walked with Yosuke to the bus station and headed straight home from there which was a ten minute walk, I think I will make Chelsea's favorites tonight. He arrives home, drops off his shool bad on the table while heading to the cabinets to grab food and seasonings and begins to prepare dinner, while preparing dinner Chelsea comes down for dinner early to talk to him. Chelsea in a monotone voice " Tsyuko, I need to talk to you" Surprised Tsyuko stops making dinner for a second and asks " What is it" Chelsea gets distracted by the smell of dinner "Dinner smells great, what are you making" Tsyuko "I'm making all your favorites for dinner tonight katsu, mashed potatoes, pasta salad and regular salad with extra onions" Chelsea "You remembered that I like extra onions" Tsyuko "how could I forget, during the first two months when mom and dad were first together you ate a whole onion and had onion breath the rest of the day, I picked on you while mom and dad bought fresh gum." Chelsea is now quiet with a sadden look on her face. Tsyuko now worried "Whats wrong Chelsea" Chelsea bluntly and clearly says "I don't want to live with you anymore" Tsyuko scarcely surprised " what do you mean? That's not a really good joke." Chelsea stays quiet and just looks at her brother with somewhat empty eyes. Tsyuko "If I said something or did something wrong you can tell me, you know that right. So tell me what I did and I can fix it". After a brief pause Chelsea then says "Being with you brings back to many painful memories, I don't want to remember, so I'm going to take my part of the money that mom and dad left and move in with auntie." Tsyuko now somewhat panicked "Why, why would you want to leave, We can get through if we have each other as we have over this last year. I can help you we can live like we use too: Chelsea sharply "I don't want to, I don't want to remember any of the past anymore. I just don't want to be were all I can do is remember mom and dad, we still live in the same town as we did which was fine at first but all I can do is remember who mom knew, who dad talked to and where we use to go", she says this while tearing up. Tsyuko "Whats wrong with remembering those things. Its those memories that help us keep them in our hearts that they loved us, so why would you want to forget that." Chelsea yells "It hurts to much, I want mom here, I want dad, why did everything happen, well if we are going to live an unfair life without them then, I don't want to be somewhere where all I can do is think of them, its a living hell that way." Tsyuko is taken back and reaches out for Chelsea as she turns away ever so slightly and says "I will take dinner in my room tonight to give you some time." Tsyuko " Don't do this, all we got is each other, we have each other and aunt Mio, and I love you Chelsea, isn't that enough." Chelsea "I love you too, more than you really know, but I just want to forget everything and let it go. Good night Tsyuko". Chelsea leaves the room and walks up to her room upstairs. When Tsyuko hears the door close he goes back to finish the food quietly, he takes Chelsea her plate while his is already ready on the table. Once he returns to the table, he collapses into the chair at the table and begins to question everything about his life so far, how can he help his sister, how can he get her to stay, how can he show her his love that he has to fill that pit of despair left by losing their parents. Tsyuko thinks about this all night as he sobs the entire time and until he falls asleep. The next week Tsyuko is quiet in class and a minimalist at work. The day after that Yosuke comes over to Tsyuko to talk to him after school on the school roof. When school ends, Tsyuko reluctantly comes to the roof and opens with "What do you want" Yosuke "Whats going on Tsyuko, your clearly not yourself." Tsyuko "Don't worry about it, it will resolve itself in no time, just like everything else" as Tsyuko begins to leave Yosuke begins to fear the worse that Tsyuko may be planning suicide and quickly grabs him. Yosuke "Don't you walk away like that, don't you walk away like you've already given up and died. Tell me what happened or I'm going to punch you until you do" Tsyuko angrily and quietly says "Go ahead and do it then, I don't care enough to stop you nor tell you anything." Yosuke angry pulls his fist as far back as he can and with all his strength, weight, and speed he punches Tsyuko. Tsyuko is slightly surprised at the fact that Yosuke actually punched him. Yosuke "We've been friends for a long time, since we were kinds, since your birth mother passed and I have never seen you like this. You tell me you don't care enough, then I will by showing you how much I care, If that hurt you still haven't fully given up but don't you dare go around saying your okay while looking like that. Your clearly not okay so talk to me dammit. I'm your best friend, there is nothing I wont listen too when you need me." Tsyuko begins to tear up as he begins to explain that Chelsea wants to move away to live with their aunt and forget about the memories, their family. Tsyuko "Chelsea wants to leave, she wants to forget about mom and dad, she wants to forget about what we all shared here, she wants to forget me. I don't know what to do, how can I keep her here. Tell me, someone anyone, what the hell am I suppose to do when my own little sister doesn't want to be around me." Yosuke then gets down on a knee then puts his hand on Tsyukos shoulder and says "You ask help from friends and family, you let them help you as much as possible to share the weight of your world so it never gets too heavy." Yosuke then gives Tsyuko a hug, Tysuko then stands up to lean on the guard rail and asks "What do I do then Yosuke". Yosuke "Call your aunt and ask her for some help or advice, I can always stop by a little more often and see we can all go out somewhere. We can even ask some local priests what to do." Tsyuko "Priests?" Yosuke " Yea, there are some Shinto, Buddhist, and Christain temples near by that we can go talk to them and see what they can advise to us about your sister and how to help." Tsyuko "Why are you going so far for me?" Yosuke "Your best friend man, your practically my brother and I want to help you however I can so you never end up this low again." Tsyuko gives a reassured smile to himself. Yosuke "We can check out the temples over the weekend and see whats up then. Since its Friday, I'm gonna ask my mom if I can stay at your place so we can do exactly that as early as possible." As Yosuke walks away to call his mother Tsyuko turns to him and says "Thank you Yosuke" Yosuke then gives Tsyulo a thumbs up and makes his call home. Talking to his mother he explains that Tsyuko needs some help right now and wants to help his friend. Yosukes mother understands and allows Yosuke to stay over the weekend and will be by to bring him some cloths to change into. After the phone call Yosuke and Tsyuko walk to Tsyuko's house, when Yosuke suddenly says "Don't think this weekend help is completely free, I want some food, I haven't tried you food since you told me you learned to cook for you and your sister, and Im also getting my mom to bring over some games we can play." Tsyuko "I thought we were going to the temples tomorrow?" Yosuke "We are going to the temples tomorrow, but we are going to have fun when we aren't there". They both share a laugh as they walk into Tsyuko's house and night fades into morning. What will Tsyuko try to do?Not knowing where to turn what will Tsyuko do about school and his sister? Will he give up on his dream? Let his sister greave? Where will Tsyuko find his answers? If want to know how this ends tell me in the comments below genre: Tragedy, Philosophical, Psychological, Slice of Life, and Romance Authors note: Chelsea and her mother are American, her mom a soldier station in Japan when she met and fell in love with Tsyuko's father. Yosuke has known Tsyuko since his birth mother passed away, they met in class in the upcoming school year his birth mother passed away, they fought at first but then became the best of friends since.

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