The Difficulties of Staying Consistent with Writing

Never written a blog before, so since blogs are roughly about one's thoughts on a particular topic, I thought I would write something that could be worth your time.

I'm sure some of you have experienced the difficulty of staying consistent in writing your story, or keeping in touched with the writing community. These days, it has not been that easy for me to write and be consistently involved being a Undergraduate Student and all (It's a busy curriculum, which is why I am happy that summer break is here!)

Often at times I wondered what does writing mean to me because I have been so busy with my study commitments, which begs me to question what would happen once I graduate from university and become a full fledge adult looking/working for a job to fill my belly or to settle my bills.

Will I be able to stay committed to continue this story I started? Or will I be hindered by the demands of reality to set more time away from my writing? I certainly hope not, because I loved writing my story and would certainly love to see it to it's end. Although some of you might say it takes discipline to write maybe about 100 words a day to keep the story writing running, sometimes the priorities of real life sometimes do not let you do that.

In addition, sometimes you become so inconsistent with writing, you can even forget how to write. This is not a joke, I'm being absolutely serious here. I often find myself taking periodic breaks away from writing, only to come back and feel extremely out of touch with my own writing. Some remnants of my writing style remains, but I often find myself reading the past chapters I had written again and again, making sure to tally every single detail back and froth so that I do not run into any inconsistencies. It's a good source of stimulation to set the game up and running again, but sometimes that is not even enough.

So how to we solve this problem? Is there a solution to this dilemma of writing? I can only think of a few answers right now, some of which has helped me a little in getting back that awesome writing momentum I lost.

Going back to plans and concept materials: I always keep blueprints of scenes, settings and other plot planning devices near me so that I can revisit them when the time calls for it. It is a good idea to write concepts and ideas down before you start writing a scene because you'll never know how they'll change when the actual writing begins. Some plans work, some did not, but keep writing plans and concepts so that you don't run out of your list of juicy story materials.

Get into the right environment: I find that often, many of my peers and colleagues in university do not share an interest in writing because of their commitment to social media or to their hobbies. Nothing wrong with that, but it really feels alone overseas when you have no one to talk about your story. Of course, I can stay committed online here on this platform, but there's something better talking about stories face to face with another human being rather than using an anonymous profile online.

Read more stories: I'm sure no one is a stranger to academic essays and examination textbook writings. Everything in Uni is all about format and citations. Hardly anything imaginative since you are writing a factual academic paper rather than telling a story. This is where the out of touch feeling can come into play, for you are simply just more preoccupied in fulfilling thesis criteria than writing something you can spend your imagination on. I have nothing against academic papers of the sort, they are a great source of information and practice of grammar and vocabulary. But sometimes, we just need to read more stories in order to feel more comfortable and be stimulated into writing our own stories.

Games, play them and watch online commentaries: Great source of ideas, but perhaps not something I would recommend so much. There's a lot of take in when it comes to gaming, the art, the environmental graphics and if possible, even the game story plot itself. I often find that games (i.e. Dark Souls, Dragon's Dogma and Dragon Age series) have a powerful means to project images that automatically sinks information into your head without any need for words. It's like stepping into another world, and studying how they do that can surely help you write your scenes and plots better. The reason why I am hesitant to recommend this solution much, is because more time spent on gaming equates to less free time for story writing 😛 .

This may or may not apply to you but, ANIME!!!!: Seriously, if you can, go to an Anime Festival Asia, watch more animes. You'll find your childhood back. lol.

Well, that's just about it for this blog, that's around 800 words here or so, and that's a lot more than what I have written in four months time about something not Essay or Academic assignment related. Hopefully with Summer Break I can do a thorough catch up with my story. Ciao! Until the nest time:)

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