Alpha Squad – Vecto: Virtue by Reid Kemper being posted on Kindle Vella

Reid Kemper is coming out with the final book in the Vecto trilogy! It is being posted as a serial novel in weekly installments on the new Kindle Vella platform here. It is called Alpha Squad – Vecto: Virtue. Please follow and like the story on the platform so it can reach more people. Fun fact: Kemper got his start posting weekly installments of Vecto: Vengeance as a web novel before it was picked for publishing.

If you haven’t read the first two books, there is a summary of them that can be read for free in the first episode of Vecto: Virtue on Kindle Vella. Obviously, there are spoilers for the first two books, and reading the first two books in full is recommended to get to know the characters. The first two books can be purchased as an omnibus called Alpha Squad – Vecto: Vengeance + Voyage here.

If you are a Premium Member of, you can receive the ebook version of the first two books for free. Visit the Premium Members page here for more information.

The Vecto trilogy is science fiction story with some fantasy elements. It is considered fast-paced and character-driven and contains over-the-top action. It blends inspiration from comic books and anime.

Here’s a short description of the series:
Can a robot be redeemed? The Vecto trilogy is about a sentient robot on a quest to find his arch nemesis, Morphaal. The first book, Alpha Squad – Vecto: Vengeance, is about Vecto’s downfall in his quest for vengeance. The second book, Alpha Squad – Vecto Voyage, is about Vecto’s recovery and journey in search of Morphaal.

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