‘Omega’ light novel will be delisted April 21!

VicsLab.com members,

This is no April Fools joke!

The print and ebook editions of Omega: Volume 1: Destiny Awaken, a light novel by Jougo Chihaya, will be delisted from all retailers April 21 due to license expiration.

The author is working on a new light novel series, and we plan to work with him to bring you his latest book. However, since the author is focusing on a different light novel series, we are honoring his wish to discontinue distribution of Omega: Volume 1: Destiny Awaken.

April 21, 2021, will be the last day you can purchase the novel from online retailers Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Walmart, and other websites, including Vicslab,com here.

Purchasing this book from VicsLab.com gives you downloadable access to three format versions: EPUB for use on Nook, Apple Books, etc.; MOBI for use on Kindle; and PDF for more traditional reading. The print book can be purchased from Amazon here or from other retailers such as Barnes & Noble and Walmart.

Here is a short description of the novel:

Luke Adimari is a boy who lost his family at a young age, with little more than the last words of his mother and the mysterious powers of his father left to him. He begins a new chapter of his life as a high school student in Alexander Academy, a school that promotes coexistence in a world where supernatural beings and humans live side-by-side.

However, not all people are in favor of sharing the same world. An age-long war caused by a human nation known as the Grigori, still rages. They enslave and murder supernaturals for their own ends using their corrupted army of powerful beings.

When their warpath leads them to Alexander Academy, Luke finds himself caught in the fray. If he and his friends wish to survive, they must unite to protect each other and the life they began to make.



Here are examples of art:

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