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The Phoenix’s Keeper


Emily Shroud is a mistake, her fate is sealed, she will destroy her world. She'll live a life of misery and despair as she fights for her new friends in the Peacekeeper army in a battle she'll never forget. Can she overcome her fate or will she become the destroyer of the world?

The embers are now lit, a fate is sealed and the darkness approaches.

A Message

The world is a cruel place. It's filled to the brim with unsightly corners filled with dank and crawly beasts. Stuff of nightmares I tell you. Darkness rules this land no matter how bright it gets. The creaking and whining shackles keeping the Darkness at bay are begining to rust and crack. The people have begun to feel that the light can never be pierced but the Darkness is patient. The light begins to fade and the Darkness slips it's way out of it's eternal shackles. Soon the word will return to The Abyss it's rightful owner.

Act 1

The Birthing Arc


A Lost Tale

The Darkness rules silently. Hiding, waiting for broken shackles and rebirth.  When the vengeful blood of twelve slick the ground a battle will begin as the Phoenix will arise and seek its Keeper. Only the one who holds the hand of death can stop the battle and save us, or become the harbinger of our destruction.