Voting Started for Publishing Contest

It’s time to vote on the original English light novel you want to see published! There are seven books to choose from.

You can read the books and vote for them by logging into and visiting the Publishing Contest group page at The poll for voting is located in the Forum section here.

This is a contest where the community selects the next book to publish. The book must be a light novel suitable for either ages 13+ or 16+. No 18+ content like sex scenes are allowed. We are looking for a book that is well-written and engages the audience within the first few pages. We also want an author who can promote themselves.

Any member of can vote. Voting will end June 11. If your book was submitted, you cannot vote for your own book but you can encourage others to do so. You are welcome to ask anyone interested in your book to join and vote.

If selected, we will invest in editing, creating a book cover, formatting, publishing, marketing, distribution, etc., for the chosen book. Oftentimes, self-published authors spend a lot of money on editing and art and don't make enough in sales to cover these costs. For this contest, we take the risk out of the equation by investing in the winning book. We reserve the right not to select a book in various cases such as if an author withdraws from the contest.

Light novels that did not qualify due to word count were removed from the Publishing Contest page and moved to the Stories group. We allowed as low as 30,000 words.

For more information about the contest, see the Q&A post in the Forum section of the Publishing Contest group. If you have any questions about the contest, please post your question there as a comment.

Thank you, and let the voting begin!


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